I’m no Romeo, but Shea Carmichael is so off-limits, her name might as well be Juliet.
Shea’s my best friend’s sister… and the only girl I’ve ever wanted. She’s always had a boyfriend, though, so I’ve been able to keep my distance. Now she’s single. As her friend, she asks me to help her navigate our campus dating scene. Of course, I agree. I promised her brother I’d keep her safe—and keep my hands to myself. The only problem? The more time I spend with her, the harder it is to deny how I feel.
Except I’m holding my life together by a thread. I need to rehabilitate my hockey career after spending a year recovering from concussions, and my family is in financial ruin. I shouldn’t be anywhere near Shea with my mess, but what’s between us is real and the attraction is too hard to resist.
When everything starts to unravel, though, can we find a way to keep our forbidden romance from ending in tragedy?

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