Acting is my job, but even I can’t pretend Ash Draper isn’t the hottest guy I’ve ever met.

Ash was my first love—and my first heartbreak. When our high school relationship fell victim to distance and circumstance, I focused on my career. My first major movie releases in a few months, and I’m on the cusp of breaking out. For publicity, I’m paired with an established actor with a reputation in need of rehab. The assignment is simple: pretend to date. I’ll get exposure, and the beleaguered actor gets my squeaky-clean image.


But the plan doesn’t account for my still-gorgeous ex-boyfriend.


Ash has transferred to Chesterboro University to play for their hockey team. Before long, the tabloids learn that we used to date, and a simple gesture sets off a firestorm of gossip placing me in the middle of a fake love triangle. To diffuse the situation, Ash and I need to pretend to be friends. Though we’ve both changed, the more time we spend together, the more we find that nothing has changed how we feel about each other.


We couldn’t weather hard times before, though, and I’m not sure we can do it now. But Ash wants to convince me that we deserve another chance…

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